Here we are in a new semester, still dealing with COVID-19 and still, we have yet to receive any disinfectants for the classrooms. Now speaking as a student, I am tired of coming to classrooms where other people touched the same items as I have and only have hand sanitizer to use as means to make sure I do not get sick.

At other colleges like LSU, Xavier, Grambling, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the rooms on campus where they know a lot of students will commute to and touch the same surfaces, they make sure to have sprays, hand wipes, disinfectant wipes, gloves, and other necessities in place for the students. So why isn’t Southern doing the same? Where are the sanitation stations you promised to use students? It is the beginning of the semester, and when going to the various classrooms all I see is a big bottle of Germ-X on the front desk and nothing else. For me to feel safe and comfortable in the classroom I must bring my own sprays and wipes from home which I pay for with my own money.

Now with a college as big as Southern, I know that it cannot be a funding issue as to why we do not have sanitation stations throughout campus especially in the laboratories and computer rooms. Like, come on Southern: this is something that was supposed to be provided to us since the start of the pandemic.

However, what I hear through the grapevines is the reason that we as students do not have these supplies is that the heads of our departments did not request them. Are you serious right now? What type of excuse is that? Regardless of if the head of our departments did not ask for these stations, there should have still been a decision and more of an effort to make sure that these disinfectant items were already ready for student usage.

For a lot of students who have classes that can not be done online and are needed to graduate coming to campus is a risk we take every day since we do not know who is sick and who is not sick. While reading this some of you may be saying that I am being too harsh and not seeing the other efforts the school is making. Now I do see the efforts the school is making with the temperature checks at the gates, the opportunities to get tested for COVID, and other behind the scenes movements and I am grateful for that.

What I am doing is speaking on an issue myself and other students have when it comes to being safe in the classroom with the pandemic going on. So, either as students, we get the COVID stations and other necessities that the college has promised as soon as possible, or someone needs to come out with a legit explanation and not an excuse as to why it has not happened yet.

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