Since the beginning of this pandemic, scientists all over the world have been working non-stop to create a vaccine to stop the spread of COVID-19. So far it has just been trial and errors will a small percentage of positive results. Though recently the company, Pfizer, came forward and announced that they along with their partner, BioNTech, have created a vaccine they believe to be over 90% effective. That is extremely good news. It means that as a society we closer to life before COVID. However, the more you think about it, the more you question if this vaccine is legit. Is this vaccine more than 90% effective?

Will this vaccine help stop the spread instead of causing things to be worse? I hope that this vaccine is what it claims to be. Though that does not mean I am willing to be one of the first ones to take because I have no clue what it may do. Everyone does not have the same body and reacts the same way to certain medicines. So, what if when taking it, the vaccine causes someone to get sicker. Then what will they do about that? Is there a back-up plan if this vaccine does not work? There are also the side effects of the medicine. Will there be any and are they life-threatening? Know with this vaccine they are still assessing the vaccine to be sure of the effectiveness.

Though I just want to see all the facts about this vaccine. For medicine that will have to be stored at around -70 degrees Celsius, I want the company, and scientists have the reassurance that there is nothing to worry about with this vaccine. Now let me be clear and say that I am not advocating that this vaccine is dangerous, and no one should take it. When it comes to medicine, I believe that everyone should get vaccinated to not only protect themselves but also protect someone else from getting sick. At the end of the day I am speaking for me and my concerns, and you may agree with me or you may not.

Because honestly, you do not want to make bold claims about something society desperately need. Right now the entire world is going through a depression and you should not be going around spreading false information and hope like how scammers have been doing since COVID-19 showed up. As one of the many being affected by COVID, I just want scientists at Pfizer and BioNTech to be 1000% sure that their vaccine will help bring us into a brighter future. Until the Food and Health Administration gives the okay, as a society we are going must be patient. So, until then please continue to wear your masks and social distance, and if you are not feeling good please get yourself evaluated.

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