Covid-19 has taken away many memories that could have been made, especially for college students. Spring 2019 is when everything went into an uproar. The virus came and isn’t something pleasant to remember.

In one week I witnessed students being excited for Springfest that was right around the corner, to being rushed out of dorms and sent back home. Being a freshman, it didn’t affect me until I realized that I’m now a junior and students are now fully back on campus, almost two years later.

Though over the months, vaccines have been made to help curb the impact of pandemic, many have doubts about its legitimacy and necessity. Being one that was fully against the vaccine to now being fully vaccinated, I can understand both sides of why you should be vaccinated, as well as why people are against it.

The side effects have affected some tremendously, and others are totally fine. I was one who was scared of the side effects because my brother was taken to the hospital hours after receiving the Johnson and Johnson one.

After seeing other loved ones receiving the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines with no bad stories, I realized it may not be that bad as my head was thinking.

The unvaccinated worries are understandable, but some comments are really excuses. The comments about the government trying to kill us off are actually pretty crazy, because it’s many other ways they could have gone about it instead of a vaccine that many doctors stand behind.

Though it did come out faster than many products or cures, we never fully know what goes into our body. We were vaccinated and given shots growing up that we have no clue what was in them, our parents will take us to the doctor and minutes later a needle was in our arm.

Some vaccinated people can be annoying which makes the unvaccinated not want it more. Forcing others to believe in what you believe is not the way to go. Everyone has different beliefs, and no mind thinks alike, so while you’re calling the unvaccinated selfish, educate them on why you got vaccinated. Refer them to a professional because social media has everyone’s head in a pothole, and some are too deep in to pull out.

Although it is not mandatory for students to be vaccinated, it is highly encouraged by faculty and staff. Continue to stay masked up Jags.

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