In the poem “Why Must You Only See Black” written by Barbara Walker it says “My Forefathers Slaved so that I MIGHT be free, others suffered and died for my equality”. Less than 100 years ago, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed. This marked the moment in time where racial discrimination in voting was prohibited. It is a new age and a new time, but racial tensions are still high. Both the Black Lives Matter supporters, and white supremacists are on the rise awaiting a change.

The year 2020 alone has made history in more ways than one. For several college students, we gained an experience that will last a lifetime. Not only is this one of the biggest presidential elections, but it is our first election where we can cast a ballot. For the first time I was able to feel like my voice really mattered.

The 2020 Presidential Election has been the topic for weeks. Now that votes are in, the tension is especially high. This year has broken the record for the most votes, rather it be in person or mail in. As I continue to watch the ongoing election, I am starting to see just how much every vote matters.

The electoral college in a sense is easier to understand. Thirty-one out of the fifty states require their electors to vote alongside the popular vote. Meaning that even if the Senate for that state is Republican, if the majority vote is Democrat then their vote will also be democrat. This election should be motivation for the numbers to continue to grow at the polls in the future.

Although Joe Biden has flaws, he is the best candidate for this election. Over the past four years with Donald Trump as President we have experienced the unthinkable. In my opinion this presidential election is a lot like the election that took place in Louisiana, over two decades ago when David Duke ran for governor against Edwin Edwards. The election was referred to as “the race of picking the lesser of two evils”.

In the end Edwin Edwards won, however, he had bad things around his name just as much is David Duke. The difference was David Duke‘s name was surrounded with racism and hatred whereas Edwin’s name was surrounded with embezzling money, stealing, and womanizing. Although neither one what is the perfect candidate, they were the only two on the ballot, so it left the people of Louisiana with no other option. Even though there were other options in this election, it was clear that the race would be between Biden and Trump.

With high hopes of Joe Biden winning the presidential election, the African- American community should not rest. With Biden elected president, it is time for black people and all other minority races to stand up and speak out. Now is the time to make right where the wrongs have been done. Whomever we elect in any election must be held accountable. The nation has seen how every vote matters, so if we don’t take anything else from this we must learn that together we can galvanize enough strength to turn the wrongs into rights.

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