Rapper DaBaby has received major backlash about his comments at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in July. I feel that his statement was homophobic, and he was misinformed about HIV/AIDS. Before performing DaBaby said a wide range of homophobic slurs, including defenses to STDs.

Being on a college campus such as Southern University, there’s no shortage of sex education resources that are made readily available by the university health center, among other places. So when DaBaby makes a statement about certain things he had no true knowledge about, it shouldn’t be a surprise when he gets backlash from his base, which is largely found in our generation.

The student body voted on an OSM Twitter poll to share their opinions about DaBaby and the backlash associated with his comments. In a poll of 39 SU students, 54% indicated that they wouldn’t be supporting future music from DaBaby.

In a similar poll, the question was posed to the student body of whether or not they accepted his apology, and 69% of the 36 students polled voted that his apology was not accepted.

I perceived that DaBaby saw no wrong in his comments until the video rapidly surfaced on social media. That’s when festivals began dropping him for their lineups. His sponsorship with Boohoo Man also was cancelled amid the controversy.

I noticed how he quickly ran to social media to cover his wrongs. He first made a video on Instagram reiterating what he said at the concert, doubling down on the already problematic rhetoric.

As a rapper, he knows that his platform is large, and people are constantly watching everything he does. This is a wake-up call for all artists to think before they speak about something that can destroy their careers.

DaBaby is an example of speaking on an entity that he had no real comprehension about. He spoke on what he thought he knew. I believe now everyone should be educated about HIV, AIDS, and LGBTQ+. It is time for him to use his platform to push towards educating the people. Will he honestly ever be canceled? Probably not. This generation has also been known to forgive and forget with no real consequences taken from celebrities' actions.

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