Every time I turn on the news or look through social media, I see a new article with a police officer, someone who is supposed to uphold the law, killing another black person. I want to know why some police officers think that just because you have a badge and a gun, you are above the law. Recently through news and social media, there has been the news story of an Ohio police officer shooting a 15-year-old black girl named Ma’Khia Bryant, after she called the police for help. After he shot her dead, this f****** a****** had the nerve to shout out “Blue Lives Matter.” Dude what the f*** is wrong with you?!?!

You just killed an innocent young girl who was coming to you for help when her wellbeing was in danger. Then you have the nerve to say, “Blue Lives Matter.” Well last time I checked, it’s not “Blue Lives” getting racially profiled every day. It is not “Blue Lives” who are denied basic serves and are still being treated like they are not human beings. What the heck is wrong with the police?

Growing up, one of the main things I was told is that if I am somewhere and I do not feel safe to go to a police officer and they will protect you. Though in 2021, can we still hold that stand? Look at the past cases of Christian Taylor, Walter Scott, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Daunte Wright, and so many others who others are still trying to get justice for. In this modern day, can we still trust the police to do what they are sworn to do? A lot of these police officers carry a badge, yet they are out here committing more crimes than the average man.

Now I am not saying that everyone who works in the police department is a crooked police officer. I have seen plenty who actually do what they are sworn to do, but when you have so many literal bad police officers it is hard to find the good ones. The reason for that is because no one is holding those crooked police officers accountable for what they did.

Heck if it were not for all the video footage and witness testimonies, they would have let Derek Chauvin get away with what he did. Like I am sick of seeing these news stories. I am sick and tired of seeing police officers getting a slap on the wrist for breaking the law and taking another innocent life. It is f****** 2021: where are the police reform officials are claiming to have done or are doing? Where is the accountability? Where is the proof that shows that whether you are in law offices you still have the same expectations to follow the law like regular citizens do? Something must change, and it must change NOW.

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