The holidays are approaching with Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the vibe is not there because the spirit is slowly fading away. Instead of Christmas and Thanksgiving being solely focused on being with your family and just appreciating what it is in front of us, it has turned to a materialistic event. Thanksgiving and Christmas have really changed the minds of people and unfortunately African American people.

Personally, it is sad to say that the holiday spirit has come down in our culture. It is important that we do not forget the holidays and how we were brought up on them with family, food, and sentimental gifts. I am appreciative of anything somebody gets me because of the thought because there are some people who don’t get anything or don't even have a family.

At one time, when the holidays rolled around, people put so much effort into decorating, playing Christmas music, and reconnecting with friends and family they may not have seen in a long time. For Thanksgiving, the meal that would be prepared would have so much soul behind it and people would love preparing for it, now it seems to be a burden on everyone.

I feel like we have let so many materialistic things affect our spirit and that is sad. God forbid we don’t get the newest iPhone, Louis Vuitton purse, or the newest game console we act like the world is over. I feel that we spend so much time trying to show off rather than appreciate the authentic love that is all around us.

Black Friday is right after Thanksgiving and that is a bigger celebration. On Black Friday, people are glued to computers, standing 5 o’clock in the morning in long lines, and fighting in stores over items and tragically taking each other's lives. Is Black Friday even helpful or a scam?

Personally, Black Friday is something that was created to draw us African Americans into the streets to give the U.S. money. Thinking about the name, why is it called Black Friday? It is called Black Friday because only us African Americans take time out of our days to go crazy over some item that will still be there, but if we get up early for Christmas or Thanksgiving it is a problem? Us African Americans made Christmas and Thanksgiving soulful, passionate, and loving and it is time to bring it back.

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