COVID-19, Who Cares?

On September 3, 2020 a large gathering was formed near the Intramural Sports Complex. This was not a school sponsored or approved event, but one organized by random students. Students who make such reckless decisions during this COVID-19 pandemic face huge controversy. Does anyone care nor find it important to follow the guidelines? To protect ourselves and others? Why is that?

Well, here on campus I’ve heard different perspectives on this pandemic. Many feel they can party, join large gatherings, and not wear a mask because they have not experienced any symptoms. “What’s the big deal?” some seem to say. “I’m young and I have a strong immune system.” “It only affects infants and the elderly.” “Why should I care? It’s not my life at stake.” ” I only care for myself and myself only.”

I’ve heard this attitude echoed continuously. On the other hand, several others are taking the matter with the gravity it deserves. A fellow classmate of mine shared her interpretation on things. “I feel some people are not going to take it seriously until it hits home, whether a loved one has it or they have it themselves.” Her comment highlights the idea that one should not put others at risk solely because they feel immortal.

Your life is still endangered, regardless of how strong your immune system is. It only reduces the possibility of you obtaining the virus faster than others. Personally, I believe everyone should take this pandemic seriously. I’ve experienced loved ones being diagnosed and it’s not a game. Start being logical. Wear your masks. Stay six feet apart. Avoid large gatherings. Do your best to avoid outside activity. Most importantly, don’t be selfish. Lives are at stake.

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