Generally speaking, 2020 was like nothing that most people could have expected, consisting of endless tragedy continuing throughout the whole year and leaving people in a state of uncertainty for the new year. Racial tensions were high, corrupt politicians, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the anticipated Presidential election.

Even in the darkest of times in our country however, President elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris became proof of hope for many people in the United States who believe in a Donald Trump-led America is an unsustainable perversion of the liberties promised by this nation so long ago.

The Inauguration was an important event in this country in the sense that we have the first Black and South Asian female vice president in history serving in the Oval Office along with Joe Biden. Mrs. Harris’ vice presidency has become an important form of representation for young girls of color in this country and a major stepping stone for black people, especially those attending and have graduated from an HBCU.

President Biden and Vice President Harris’ Inauguration was nothing short of excellence all around. Regal style, grace, and elegance occupied the capital on January 20, Michelle Obama, National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, the Biden and Harris children among many others. Michelle Obama was the talk of all socials with her Burgundy ensemble and laid tresses, giving an elegant and classy take as a former first lady. Jill Biden and Madame Vice President followed in the jewel tone theme and executed a sleek modern look for the historical event. The women were definitely not letting up this inauguration season and it shows!

Prior to the Inauguration of President elect Biden, the capital had been raided by trump supporters deemed as a terrorist attack on the capitol. This attack put many lives in danger and even caused some to lose their lives in this act of insurrection. The attack on the capitol not only exhibited this country’s lack of leadership, but the systematic and institutionalized racism brought about through morally corrupt ideals from just as corrupt politicians.

Politicians that are consistently feeding falsified information to fellow supporters and bringing about attacks like the one on the capitol are part of the reason that racial tensions have been so high. Following the attack on the capitol, moving forward with the Inauguration, security was a necessary factor in order to keep the President and his family as well as others in attendance safe from threats during the event.

And so even as a new year has arrived, we are faced with the constant renewal of perseverance as people who were born into this controversial melting pot of a world, and yet we still hold that hope for a better tomorrow just as close as we always have.

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