No-meo & Juli-eh: Blueface and Chrisean Rock

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Social media has become a staple part of many of our lives whether we are young or old. No matter where you go, there is a camera present recording your actions. Recently, famous couple Blueface and his girlfriend and signed artist, Chrisean Rock, have been in the light of social media for the entire year of 2022. It is without a doubt that the couple knows how to keep the media engaged. They have both captured the attention of many through entertainment and a few negative aspects of their lives that have become public.

The rise of Blueface’s fame originated around 2017 in Los Angeles after dropping countless songs via SoundCloud. He became an internet sensation for the trending opinion that he could not rap on beat. Currently, Blueface is now considered a very well-known artist after features including other artists like Gunna, Cardi B, DDG, and more. During his rise to fame, he signed Chrisean Rock to his label ‘Blueface LLC’. She was also on his show titled “Blue Girls Club”, a spinoff of the popular reality show Bad Girls Club. During Chrisean’s career on the show, she was constantly in altercations between the different cast members of the show. While some audience members found her behavior entertaining, many were concerned about her future.

In recent news, a video of Chrisean crying hysterically hit the media after accusing Blueface of physically assaulting her. However, she recently made a follow-up video stating that she was intoxicated and tried to jump out of a moving car. She claims Blueface stepped in to keep her from injuring herself. She also states that she provoked Blueface, contradicting the initial story she released to the public. Aside from their recent altercation, the couple has been caught on camera getting physical on different occasions. The last altercation was located in Hollywood and the footage has again gone viral. After many public altercations, fans are wondering why Chrisean is still involved with Blueface.

Previously, Chrisean has been talked about on every social media platform imaginable. Whether it be her viral fights from ‘Blue Girls Club’, the loss and replacement of her front tooth, or the variety of tattoos she has gotten in relation to Blueface, the media has seen it all. Many interviewers have sat down to get a better understanding of why Chrisean indulges in this behavior. If you take the time to listen to the interviews, she explains during her childhood she was homeless from the age of nine until she turned 18. She has a total of 12 siblings and they all lived in a 1 bedroom apartment. Sadly, she grew up watching her mother be abused by her father who she was not able to meet until she was seven years old. Her mother was suffering from an intense drug habit, which left her to somewhat care for herself.

After digging into her back story, as an outsider, you can grasp that Chrisean has become accustomed to chaos and an unstable living environment. Which is a perfect explanation as to why she chooses to carry out the life she lives today and continues to surround herself with Blueface. After meeting him, she has received money, a place to live, and a career on social media alone. These are all experiences she struggled to obtain during her upbringing, so it is understandable why she is willing to go through so much to maintain her new financial lifestyle.

As the audience, I do not feel as if we should make fun of Chrisean’s unstable relationship with Blueface. Instead, I feel as if we must stop giving the violence and mistreatment the attention that it receives now. I understand many are genuinely concerned, but the public attention is what is keeping them paid and Chrisean linked with Blueface. Overall, domestic violence is unacceptable from both parties, but as a community, we should not make fun of how social media has turned serious situations into “content.”

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