As much as individuals let it be known on social media that they’re “forever good“ and will always be the best they can be, what I worry about is the truth. Do we fear looking weak or finding the strength to talk to someone to help uplift us?

Being honest about how you‘re feeling on the inside is a sign of strength and educating yourself along with others about speaking up lets people express how different things make them feel. Bottling up these feelings of hurt can cause even more damage and that’s not good for the mind, soul, and heart.

September 3rd is when I officially moved on campus, and I must say, it’s a bit different than expected. I have mixed emotions about the people here, but what really triggered my anxiety is being away from home. In my head, I feared the worst; I thought that I could get kidnapped, that the faces that greeted me were out to get me, when in reality they’re just trying to help loosen me up & make me feel comfortable.

It was hard sleeping in my new bed that night, to the point where I couldn't sleep. I was overwhelmed and thought “What if no one likes me?“ “What if I don't make it through college?“ '' Why does it feel like I'm in a bad environment?” “Is it all in my mind?” “Is it just my anxiety?”

I had to snap out of it, and I had to step out of my comfort zone, which was extremely hard the first week of school. I ultimately stayed, but I started off slow. I greeted people with a nice ”hey, how are you?” or tell the girls that their pretty and ask for their social media, and I must say, it felt good giving compliments and seeing people smile. It made me feel comfortable, and it kind of helped me find myself out of that headspace.

My personal take on mental health itself is that you just have to get up and go. You have to stop laying in bed, thinking to yourself what will be next. Stop burying yourself in your thoughts, and get up. Talk to someone, get up and put on a song that you like, and dance for a bit. Smile for just a second and tell yourself “I will overcome this and i will overcome it TODAY“

Use your peers as a resource and learn about them. There are so many ways you can come out of your shell, and there are so many ways that you can get those dark thoughts out for good.

Believe it or not, mental health is no one’s fault. You are capable of building your bravery, strength, confidence, self love, and body love, all on your own. There is nothing in this world that can stop you, so why not start now?

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