Facebook has announced the creation of a meta-verse virtual reality to serve as a 3D augmented reality platform. It can serve a purpose as a way to socialize with friends, family, to work, learn, play, shop, exercise, create, and create new categories that aren’t the basic way we think about technology. “The meta-verse will be the successor to the mobile Internet, we will be able to feel in the present no matter how far apart you are,” as stated by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the keynote.

In my opinion, the meta-verse is a great idea for people to get around and meet new people and even get together with friends. Users can finally do some of the things they dreamed of through the meta-verse. It can also make some people lives more enjoyable and even interesting. The meta-verse would be an appropriate way to navigate through your thoughts that haven’t come into fruition just yet.

As far as education and learning, the meta-verse technology can be of some assistance. It could allow for a more focused and interactive environment for learning subjects like history and geography. For example, virtual reality has been used in real estate, so why not use that same technology and build and learn from it.

But on the other hand, it can have a negative orientation. It can become an addictive realm that people use to escape, but if they’re too addicted, they’ll retract from interaction in the real world. Internet addiction can have a physical and mental effect over time, such as depression and anxiety. Users may actually begin to think the virtual world they’re experiencing could overflow into their real personal lives.

For example, if a member of the meta-verse was to spray paint graffiti on the wall in their space, and then think it’ll be okay in the real world, when in actuality it’s not. Another disadvantage of the meta-verse, would be the information privacy.

It’s already bad enough that our personal information is easily accessible through the internet, but with the meta-verse, companies can use our interaction to get a hold of us. In short, be safe, or the good time that is the meta-verse could be just as bad as it is goo

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