Black people in America are one of the most neglected and disrespected marginalized groups. We tell the majority our needs, and they go in one ear and out the other. Flint, Michigan is a big example of environmental racism and how the needs of Black people aren’t received.

I’ve noticed a pattern throughout low-income Black communities, and they usually have a domino effect. For example, a low-income Black household may generate $20,000-$40,000, and as we all know, because of inflation the price of living is higher than the amount of money we receive. This household could have certain expenses that eat through their paycheck such as rent, car note and insurance, utilities, groceries, and their children’s needs. Someone in this household may have diabetes or some other health issue that needs prescribed medicine or insulin (which is around $200 out of pocket).

The next answer to this would be to, “Eat healthier” or learn how to budget. Budgeting is a luxury that some people can not afford because just to even live comfortably is an arm and a leg. To budget means that your paycheck and day to day job(s) pay for your expenses and you have some left over.

Furthermore, around low-income Black areas there aren't many healthy food options nor are there fresh produce coming into the stores. If there is, it’s a drive out of town or ridiculously pricey, and eating healthy is a habitual event. So, this household has to eat fried chicken baskets and other fast food meals to feed a family of four that is quick and easy. Or, as most Southern people know, make a quick meal of red beans or pasta, with a choice of meat. This diet in itself is unhealthy, and in turn, creates more health problems for this family; older members, little children, and the future to come.

White America and anyone in association with it needs to have a quick reality check on the lives of Black people that don’t either play sports or popular celebrities. If you want inclusiveness and equality, there should be equity for all, and Black people should be heard.

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