As more time passes, the hate that rappers and successful people encounter in their hometown intensifies. Generally, they decide to move away from their hometown once success is attained, but some feel an obligation to stay put. Artists know that with fame comes jealousy. From people they may have grown up with or people that envy them because of their utmost success, that envy existence is unquestionable.

In the recent passing of the late Adolph Thornton Jr., or Young Dolph, the whole world had heavy hearts. Not only because of his death but because of where he was located when he was killed. Thornton was in his hometown Memphis, a place that he called home to give away turkeys for the holidays.

This is an instance of why many artists move away from their hometown. The motive of Thornton death has not been given but it’s primarily clear to understand why he was targeted. He was a black, successful, rich man and people resented him because of his success.

Thornton stated in an interview that “I’m not a person that lives in fear.” His mindset was different than numerous other rappers that hardly go home and when they do, they have security consistently so that unfortunate things won't happen.

Rappers often express that when they do visit their hometown, they feel paranoid because of all that could happen to them. They have rivalries, hatred, or reminders of old illegal acts in their hometowns. Being successful is gratifying but it comes with a mindset of fear.

In an interview with VLADTV rapper Boosie stated, “I got millions why would I surround myself with people who are after me for no reason. They build up envy, … they can't stop you from getting money, so, you know what? They take your life.”

I’m aware that some rappers want to stay in their hometown because that’s where their family and motivation to keep going is. But if you're constantly contemplating if you may die by going to the store then maybe changing locations is a better decision.

Then again, it’s something that successful people must deal with. The stresses of how the world presumes you as a walking rich person. People began to imagine what they could do if they were in that successful person's shoes.

The world is cruel, and the harrowing thing is that he was not the first rapper or the last to be murdered. The cycle of black successful men dying because they’re prospering will continue. The grudges people hold don’t fade away they grow deeper until they either take what they want or end a person's life.

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