Volleyball enters SWAC Tournament

The Southern University Men’s Basketball team is just getting started with an early-season start of 1-1. On November 13, 2021, the Jags took on the Pelicans in a closely contested game from both teams. The final score of the game was relatively tight at 73-70.

The two teams were neck and neck for the majority of the first half. There was never a point where the teams were more than five points behind each other. However, about halfway through the first half, Southern seemed to gain a little bit more control of the ball. The Pelicans did not let that hold them too far back. The two teams went into the second half with Junior shooting guard Brion Whitley scoring a three-point jumper assisted by junior guard, P.J. Byrd, making the score 38-27 and creating a two-digit lead for Southern.

Although the Pelicans were behind, they still put up a fight with the Jags. Starting the second half, the teams seemed to be going point for point. However, with a missed jumper, a rebound, and a turnover, the Pelicans were able to creep back up, closing the gap from a double-digit lead by the Jags to a single-digit advantage for themselves. Quickly, the Jags had to bring it together.

The Pelicans were able to keep their lead for almost nine minutes. It wasn’t until senior guard Jayden Saddler made a layup assisted by Senior guard Isaiah Rollins, making the score 62-61, securing the lead for the Jags for the remainder of the second half. There were several chances for the Pelicans to make a comeback. However, the Jags remained on top due to a few missed jumpers alongside a few fouls and blocks.

The top scorers for the game were Jayden Saddler with 13 points, and junior guards Tyrone Lyons, P.J. Byrd, and Brion Whitley tied with 12 points each. The teamwork in this game was very noticeable. Everyone played a vital role in the victory for the Jaguars. Both the offense and defense showed through on the court. Not only did the Jags lead in points, but they also led in field goal percentage, three-point percentage, turnovers, and rebounds.

It is still early in the season; the Jags will try to maintain their winning streak against Rice University. The Jags will take on Rice on Tuesday, November 16. The stakes are high for both teams as both of their records are currently 1-1.

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