Jack in the Box has finally arrived by SU we can see the new Jack in the Box is beginning to take form in its futuristic form nicknamed "the Jetsons building" on the corner of Harding Boulevard and Scenic Highway.  

Students have been waiting on the opening as some have nicknamed it "Jack in the Crack" or just plain and simple "Jack".

Jack in the Box, Inc. operates more than 1,730 Jack in the Box restaurants. Jack in the Box first opened in 1951 in San Diego with the 18-cent Hamburger.  It also pioneered the drive-through concept that is being used all across the world.  Jack in the Box also pioneered the first breakfast sandwich and the portable salad.  The name Jumbo Jack came in 1971 because it was considered the largest burger in fast food.

Jack in the Box opened its first restaurant in Baton Rouge located at 8919 Siegen Lane. Baton Rouge was the flagship city for southeastern expansion whereas Jack’s main market is the southwestern part of the United States. Jack in the Box has numerous locations in the Baton Rouge area, where they are popping up all over. 

"We look forward to serving local residents and to building strong ties with the Baton Rouge community." said John Dishko, area manager for Jack in the Box for Baton Rouge.

Jack in the Box will have some other competition also, from Popeye’s to McDonald’s to KFC. Jack in the box has gotten a warm welcome from area fast food chains. "Never thought about…they’ll bring us business." said a shift manager at Popeye’s.  

Students at SU believe that it will be great to have another option for fast food. "…very convenient for the people who get hungry and that it will be open for 24 hours and the food is decent and it will crave your hunger." said Adanna Burell sophomore from Dallas.

Brandi Bacon, sophomore from Ferriday differs "Not a good place for people to go and eat because it makes people sick."

Jack in the Box will definitely may be an asset to the area being open 24 hours for those late night munchies, and also for bringing new development, jobs and taxes to the Scotlandville community.


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