Access Granted: Housing implements keycards


Southern University housing safety regulations improved to an all-time high when the department of housing gave students a key card to enter the facility. Yes, a key card! Outside of all the dorms on the Southern University campus, there is an electronic device where students must put a card to it for the doors to open.

Key cards are more secure than having free access to come in. These locks usually work with cards of some form or another. The one part about using this type of access control system on a University campus is the flexibility it gives housing staff. Keycards information can be set to automatically lock and unlock doors at preset times, to allow access for specific individuals during off-hours and prevent access for unauthorized individuals, to instantly activate a campus lockdown in case of emergency.

“Key cards are mainly for keeping the students safe from random people coming in and out the building,” said Kennedi Hudson, a freshman residential assistant at Southern University about the purpose of having the key cards.

“The key cards are good for safety precautions, especially from people who don’t live on campus,” said sophomore Jasmine Pierre.

The key card is securing the safety of the students on campus especially in a pandemic. It will control the coronavirus cases and limit who goes in and out of the building. The cards would stop intruders from causing harm, inflicting injury to students, and committing serious criminal activity.

The safety of campus is one of the most crucial defining factors for many students, particularly for female students. A college campus should be a safe environment for everyone. Those key cards will make campus housing more secure in knowing students are safe in their dorm.

“The key card is something that I’m not used to. Some days they will operate and some days they won’t and that’s a problem, it is always a hassle,” said freshman Brandon Horne, pointing out one downside to the new security measure.

The key cards are a protective way to keep students safe. However, the card takes so much time to process to open the doors, and will lock again if it is not opened quickly.

This can be difficult for a student arriving from Mayberry with a plate full of food.

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