Sights on the Senate

Members of the SGA Senate meet to vote on the next cabinet members for the upcoming term.

(Isaac Armstrong/DIGEST)

The university student government meets frequently throughout the semester to discuss issues that are relevant to the student body. This past week’s most current Senate Meeting saw an acknowledgment of the new structure related to the senate and its future implications.

“I think we’ve had a roller- coaster year, but we’ve reconstructed the entire senate structure,” says Anothony Davis, the Student Government Association Vice president after concluding the Senate meeting on Tuesday, May 19.

This semester, the agenda board was all about progression and student concerns, but now they’re working hard to ensure that students who have been appointed positions are approved and qualified in effective and efficient manners.

Representatives discussed senate legislation that increases student engagement in regards to the next school year, as well as the Senate fund requisition list which allows students to go to the Senate and request funds for their student organization.

The cabinet members were allowed the chance to speak with organization leaders and appointed fellows about why they were fit for their positions, and how they will carry them out in the future. Prior leadership experience and logical reasoning was another important aspect of the night and the board made their decisions regarding this aspect of operations as well.

Mario Sigur, Mens Federation Director of Public Relations, says he was asked about the changes he would make in his position. “I said as director of public relations I would create an open form for the men on campus to voice their concerns and what they want to see change around campus.”

The senate was able to openly make sure that appointed students were qualified and committed to their duties.

Maddison Draegon, the freshmen class Activity Coordinator was also in attendance at the meeting and says Representatives just want to ensure that in the coming years things are different. “The questions were just basically asking that we were confident in our jobs, and comfortable in our positions we were given.”

Representatives and appointed fellows concluded by expressing how pleased they were with their new positions, and with the semester as a whole. Covid restrictions caused a shift with on- campus life, but this semester altered everything as Senate members pushed more events to begin to take place. Students can look forward to continuous progression with on campus life as the current incarnation of SGA looks to make their mark on the university.

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