Southern University Joins Hands with LSU and the BRAC

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To help improve students with their future careers Southern University teams up with LSU and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC). For those who may not know, the BRAC is an organization that leads the economic development of nine parishes in the Baton Rouge area.

Along with the Career Services centers of Southern and LSU, the BRAC entered an agreement to help connect students to career opportunities and internships through programs like Handshake, a talent recruitment platform. According to the Southern University website, the purpose of Handshake is to “…learn your interest, skills, and background and then recommend opportunities for you based on the profile that you upload to the new system.”

For clarification, Handshake connects employers to over 900 universities while being able to post jobs, view student’s resumes, filter candidates, and schedule interviews. This platform has been utilized by Southern University and LSU since 2018 with roughly half of the student body of both universities having active Handshake accounts.

While helping graduating students become aware of available careers in Baton Rouge, this agreement will also help small to mid-size companies interact with the university’s career centers. In an interview about the agreement the President and CEO of BRAC, Adam Knapp comments that “This is a historic joint commitment of our region’s traditional four-year institutions to be intentional about connecting students to local internship and job opportunities.”

Further along in the interview, Knapp continues by stating that “This new collaboration will make it easier than ever for businesses to hire college students and graduates into local jobs, accessible through one single login… this is the kind of technology disruption that’s going to make their student recruiting and hiring much, much easier.”

According to Southern University President and Chancellor Ray L. Belton, “Southern University, in its 140th year, continues to prepare students for a global workforce... and we know that this starts at home in the Capital Region. With this partnership, our students have enhanced access to valuable training and ultimate employment with companies that positively contribute to the economic health of our city and state.”

Overall, this agreement will help increase the number of students obtaining careers in Baton Rouge once they graduate from their respective universities. Along with helping to retain graduates and future employers, BRAC plans on hosting workshops with Southern University and LSU. In these workshops, employers will set up Handshake profiles and be educated on the most effective ways to engage with the platform as well as to connect with additional resources available from the career service centers. The first workshop will occur on October 14th. For more information on Handshake, you can go to the Southern University website or visit and talk to Mrs. Tamara Foster-Montgomery in the Office of Career Services located in T. H. Harris Hall, suite 1100.

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