Meet the Cast of College Hill

FRONT ROW (L to R) Delano Mitchell, a senior mass communication major from Los Angeles, Kinda Andrews, a freshman undicided from Baton Rouge, Veronica Moss, a sophomore marketing major from Houston, Nina Moch, a senior marketing major from Shreveport, Sh

From pledging to parties and sizzling sexual encounters, the College Hill cast has supplied the audience with 100 percent uncut and uncensored HBCU life-- while in pursuit of obtaining a higher education.

Kinda Andrews, Shalondrea Davis, Gabriel Langley, Kevin Mack, Delano Mitchell, Nina Moch, Veronica Moss, and Jabari Roberts are the eight students from Southern University chosen as cast members in Edmond Entertainment and Black Entertainment Television’s upcoming collegiate reality show, College Hill.

"We chose Southern University mainly because the school is so well rounded, said Tosha Whitten-Griggs, corporate communications director for BET. "It’s an excellent example and prototype of the HBCU experience and we wanted to capture that."

The show follows the students as they go about their everyday lives and deal with day to day issues.

Their personalities of course, are very different and none of the co-eds seemed to have had difficulty expressing and displaying their colorful characteristics.

"When the show was being taped, I was 100 percent myself and if people don’t like it then too bad. I know my parents will probably not like it but I had to be myself," said Kinda Andrews, a freshman undecided major from Baton Rouge.

The search began spring 2003 when Tracey Edmonds, president and CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group, Inc. set up interviews in the Smith-Brown Memorial Union.

  Students stood in long lines to obtain a 60-page questionnaire in hopes of being selected for the show.

Hopefuls were asked to recall certain events in their lives in order to answer the multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and essay questions.

Some were skeptical about being chosen, while others were confident that their lives were interesting enough to be taped on a daily basis.

"Because I did it off a dare, I didn’t care if I was chosen. It wasn’t until I made it to the finals that I hoped I’d make it," said Nina Moch, a senior marketing major from Shreveport.

Delano Mitchell said that he completed only the first four pages of the questions and decided to use his charming personality to spark the interviewers’ interest in him.

"I got tired of filling out the questionnaire so I just went in and began talking to them and I won them over," said Mitchell, a senior mass communications major from Los Angeles.

The cast includes: Kinda Andrews, a freshman undecided major from Baton Rouge and the "wild child" of the group who’s philosophy is "men get their freak on–why can’t I?" is the daughter of Donald Andrews, dean of the College of Business at Southern.

Shalondrea Davis, a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education from Shreveport, the instigator and trouble-maker who always "keeps it real" and is embarking on a maternal journey that she will travel for the rest of her life.

A member of the Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the Southern University Marching Band, Gabriel Langley is a senior Biology/Pre-Medicine major from Dallas, who manages to stir things up with the ladies in the house.

His "smooth operator" personality is what makes him a "Big Man" on campus.

Kevin Mack, a junior Sociology major from Los Angeles, is the jock of the group.

He focuses solely on socializing with the ladies and playing football.

His lazy streak may cause him to oversleep, but never on game day!

Delano Mitchell, the creative and fun-loving individual of the group, is a senior mass communications major from Los Angeles.

He is a rapper and aspiring actor who is usually called the class clown.

The diva and socialite of the group, Nina Moch, a senior marketing major from Shreveport is always ready to spread cheer.

She is a cheerleader who enjoys the limelight and has a chance to do so in various pageants and beauty competitions.

She’s sophisticated and has just discovered that she can sometimes be very superficial.

The rich girl, spoiled rotten personality of Veronica Moss is sure to get attention.

She is a sophomore marketing major from Houston whose favorite pastime is just being herself although being herself can mean sometimes stepping on toes.

Finally, the "nerd" of the group, Jabari Roberts, a junior computer science major from Chicago, is an academic genius who love to play video games and admire his collection of rocks and crystals.

The cast members of College Hill are pioneers in the world of BET collegiate reality shows and because of this, they are thought to be on track to become superstars.

"I’m taking my potential fame all in stride. This is something I want, I crave attention," said Andrews.

College Hill will premier on BET Cox Cable Channel 58 on Wednesday, January 28 at 8 p.m. CST.


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