A Look Behind the Magic; The Makings of Freshmore Week

In the Smith-Brown Memorial Union the Freshman and Sophmores passed out T-Shirts to everybody on February 5, 2021. (Jalynn Jacobs DIGEST).

Last week was Freshmore Week, a week that is annually dedicated to Southern University’s freshman and sophomore classes and hosted by the Student Government Association.

With themes chosen by the voted-upon student leadership, each day held a new event and activity meant to encourage participation from the two youngest classes of students on The Bluff. The events included a Trap ‘n’ Paint event that would allow students to express themselves, through artistic activities such as painting. The week also consisted of a scholarship giveaway, entrepreneurship showcasing, and the Mr. Freshman pageant, among many other events.

Generally speaking, the week itself is meant to get newer members of the Jaguar family better acclimated to the campus culture, and encourage them to be active in campus sponsored events and gatherings. The winner of this year’s Mr. Freshman pageant, Beloveson Philippe noted the impact that Freshmore Week has had on him. “Coming out on top and winning the Mr. Freshman pageant made me feel like I just went over a big stepping stone in the beginning of my life as a college student,” said Philippe.

The week also featured a band TikTok challenge, basketball game, and a t-shirt giveaway that saw student participation and support come out in droves. Events were held both in-person and virtually as to make the week’s activities available to everyone in one form or another.

In-person events had strict COVID-19 guidelines that had to be followed, and as a result, only a limited number of students were able to attend the in-person events. In-person events included the Trap ‘n’ Paint event where students listened to trap music while painting Proud Family themed paintings. Tickets for this event sold out on the day the event was posted. The care package and t-shirt giveaway were also in person. The theme for the week was The Proud Family, a television series three featured a happy black family. This theme was used for advertisements and was featured on the t-shirts that were given to members of the freshmen and sophomore classes.

“It’s always been a tradition for every class to have a week. With COVID, we wanted to hold events with a traditional fill but that still followed COVID guidelines. Participation was through the roof, and [because of this] we plan to do some of the events again,” said Carlos Brister, the sophomore class President, about his take on the week as a whole.

Freshmore week garnered much success that can be attributed to the joint efforts of Student Affairs and the Student Government Association, and both parties hope to continue the trend of having safe, fun events for members of the student body.

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