Andrea Scott “SU, The HBCU Experience”

Southern University is a well-known HBCU and a school that isn’t short of pride. Every student has a story to tell when going to Southern University. In addition, notable Southern University alumni/administrators such as President Dr. Ray L. Helton, Christopher Levy, and alumnus Andrea Scott are all former alumni who have taken roles among their alma mater's decision makers. We had the opportunity to interview Ms. Andrea Scott about her experience at Southern and the book “The HBCU Experience” that she helped write detailing her own HBCU experience.

We asked Ms. Andrea Scott to tell us a little bit about herself and why she chose Southern University. Her response was vivid as it told an amazing story, “I am from Baton Rouge, and I am 2011 graduate of Southern University with a bachelor in Political Science and I chose Southern because of the history and culture but also networking opportunities.” She also mentioned her being a first generation graduate while being a mother and working for consulting companies dealing with disaster relief in D.C. and currently the state of Alabama.

We followed up with her describing her experience at Southern and why she chose to write the book. She started out mentioning that it was a humbling experience to be a part of something so historical, and it was so random. She heard about it from Janae Jamison and volunteered because she felt she can inspire and help many students in need. In her own words, “We all need somebody and we want them to feel that they are not alone.”

Ms.Scott loved her experience because she met so many people through networking such as her professors, students, internships, but also just asking for help. In the words of Ms. Scott, “At Southern academics are important, but get to know people because those relationships last beyond the four years my child calls my best friend aunt tee and her child calls me that.”

As our interview came to close she shared an inspirational message when asked about HBCUs getting more enrollment. Ms. Scott said “It’s about time and it’s important we never forget the legacy of these black institutions. It sucks that we have been overlooked for such a long time, but today is a new day and we should have pride. I love to see it.”

Scott also goes on to say that HBCU love is all that matters not just Southern but everywhere. Like many talented individuals who graduate from Southern, Scott is an example of how to capitalize off your college experience and make the best of the good and the bad.

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