What happened to Grambling’s volleyball team? There are many questions but not enough answers for these 19 players. In the beginning of April of 2022, New Head coach, Chelsey Lucas cut the entire Women’s volleyball team. The news was a shock to everyone, even the players themselves. With the whole team being cut, what does this mean for their scholarships and future at Grambling?

Chelsey Lucas, a 2007 Alum, became Grambling’s New women’s volleyball coach in February of 2022. She stated to the players that changes would be made for the next upcoming year. She never went into specifics on these changes which left half of the team with their scholarships pulled. My question is, If these players got their scholarships pulled, will they stay at Grambling or try to transfer to play somewhere else?

This cruel act has left 19 players with no answers or scholarships. This left many players trying to transfer to different schools for opportunities. The Activities Department has also decided to side with Coach Lucas on this situation, making it clear that they will be bringing in new players and none are any of the former 19 players. This leaves the players with less than 4 months to find a new program before the 2022 season begins.

I feel as if the coach should have some disciplinary action given to her. She cut the entire team, and treated each player with disrespect and lacked communication between the parents and players. This foul play is leaving many players with making a lot of sacrifices in order to pay for school. Some are transferring but won’t be promised all their credits to be transferred and some are looking for new programs in hope for scholarships to be given to them. All this was done so that she could win the state championship for next season. Instead of working with the current team, she cuts them and leaves in the dirt.

The next team that Coach Lucas has coming is a team of 13-15 new players which leaves little to no opportunities for the 19 players cut.

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