It is not questionable that people around the world know about the annual phenomenon that is the Bayou Classic. This historic event features a huge rivalry game between Southern University and Grambling University held in the Caesar’s Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It would be a foregone conclusion that to travel to the event, fans would take their vehicles, but have you ever heard of someone traveling on foot? Well Southern University’s Army ROTC program takes the challenge of nearly impossible to the test.

“That’s a lot of miles. They’re used to running so it probably wasn’t too bad, but running from city to city is a lot for anybody,” said Kevin James, a sophomore mathematics major from Houston, Texas.

Every year, along with the Bayou Classic football game, Southern’s Army ROTC program hosts their Annual Bayou Classic Run. This event entails a group of Cadets collectively taking turns running the Bayou Classic game ball, from Southern University’s Mini Dome to the Caesar’s Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. As this may sound outrageous by first glance, it is easier than anyone would think.

The overall run takes a duration of 8 hours total, 89 miles in length down Airline Highway. The program begins their run with each group taking 20 each to run, while simultaneously switching out once every interaction is finished.

In 2019, a record time was set at 7 hours and 9 minutes total with only 30 cadets from Southern University cadets participating in the 46th Annual Bayou Classic Run. Earlier this year, Southern’s ROTC program teamed up with Grambling’s Army ROTC program as they ran from Grambling State University’s campus or Shreveport, where the 47th Annual Bayou Classic was held. On November 26, 2021, Southern University’s Army ROTC program merged with Southern’s Navy ROTC program as well as Grambling’s Army ROTC program. The three programs collectively presented over 50 cadets to set a new record time to 7 hours and two minutes.

Cadet Omari Phillips of Southern University’s Army ROTC program gave a statement on his thoughts on the Bayou Classic Run, by saying, “Though the run was very challenging, it was a nice team bonding exercise.“

The Southern’s University’s Army ROTC program continues to strive to do the impossible by stepping outside of the questionable boundaries we are faced with every day. This is rather unknown to the common supporter of the Bayou Classic fanbase. This is an annual run hosted by Southern University’s Army ROTC program for years and the program is undoubtedly going to continue for years to come.

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