Southern University flag football team traveled to Lafayette this past weekend to compete in the 2019 State Flag Football Tournament. There was a male and female team comprised of current students that attended Southern. The tournament began on Saturday where both teams played in two non-elimination games or pool play to see how the teams would be ranked. 

The boy’s team played extremely well on both sides of the ball. The Jags proved to be the best team in the tournament after blowing out both opponents by double digits and going 2-0 on the day. The girl’s team came out the gate swinging and blew their first opponent out. Although they came up short the second game, they still made huge plays in the game that left the other teams stunned. 

The next day, the teams came with determination to be victorious in a win or go home situation. The lady Jags first opponent didn’t show up and forfeited the game automatically advancing them to the championship game where they fell just short of winning. 

The boy’s team won the first two games in blowout fashion once again. In the semifinals, the team was on the brink of defeat when they were able to overcome adversity after being down two scores. The team made adjustments at halftime and came back to win 21-20 after scoring and converting on the two point conversion to beat Southeastern. However, the team was disqualified after one of the parents from the opposing team protested to the staff following the loss. Southeastern was then allowed to play in the championship where they eventually loss to Grambling. The player was ruled ineligible because he played at another university. 

Coach Tanner from the rec had this to say about the decision, “Why wait until we make it to the championship and then let the team we beat compete…the guy that was ruled ineligible never participated at another university.” 

The teams QB senior Jerry Powell said “Even though I feel we were cheated, I’m still proud of my team and in the end we went undefeated (6-0) in the tournament.”

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