A New Dawn on The Bluff

SouthernUniversity’sheadfootballcoach,DawsonOdums,speaksonthepreparationanddeterminationof the 2020 football season at the 2020 Football Recruitment Celebration in the Cotillion Ballroom, Wednesday, February 5 (Tiffany Williams/DIGEST)

On February 5, there was a  “2020 Football Recruitment Celebration’’ in the SU Smith-Brown Royal Cotillion Ballroom. It was a ceremony to show off the new members of the Jaguar football team for next season. It started off with an introduction of Southern University’s Human Jukebox. The band played the SU Fight Song, Talkin Out the Side of Ya Neck, and Do What You Wanna.

The MC of the evening was Reggie Floods who spoke highly of Coach Dawson Odums and his hard work at Southern University.  President of Southern University’s Quarterback Club, Reginald Jarvis, spoke to the crowd on the clubs purpose, to make the athletic program one to benefit and help all athletes at Southern University. From transportation, to equipment, to a nice working facility. 

Throughout the program music played, door prizes were given, and food was being served with the help of Southern University’s Tennis and Softball team. 

After the intermission, Southern University’s head coach, Dawson Odums, spoke on the process of getting his players where they needed to be for the new season. “We got to apply pressure in 2020,” said Odums. Coach Odums took his time on finding new players because he doesn’t know exactly what he is looking for. But he knows it when he sees it. Coach pointed out that it is hard work you have to put in for a successful season. It takes a lot of energy to have 6 a.m. practices, conditioning sessions, etc. It goes not just for players but coaches too.

During the questioning part of the program, Coach Odums was questioned about the transfer portal. He believes that players that go through the transfer portal are running from competition, or getting away from problems on their previous team. Personally, Coach Odums looks at it as a way of giving up. Football players go to college to become better and eventually go off to the NFL. “Getting better than you were yesterday...if you can improve everyday, then your destination can always change.”, is Odums’s definition of a better player.

The new recruits were offered scholarships and a spot on other football teams. When asked what he can offer the new players he said, “We have a family environment, great tradition, a lot of pride in our program, exciting game day atmosphere, great college, great people, and I think you put all that together you get...success.”

It is obvious new players, plus new season, equal different outcomes. Coach Odums has a positive mindset about the upcoming season. “So don’t look at your destination, always work to focus on where you’re at. Be the best that you can be at what you’re doing and at the end of the day, if you do that over time you got a chance to do great things in life,”said Coach Odums.

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