A group of students from Southern University freshman class hosted a kickball game on Friday September 27. The game took place on campus in the field next to the recreational center.The game was open to everyone but was specifically designed for first year students to be able to come together and become familiar with one another. 

“We noticed SU23 stays to themselves and we wanted to make a social event where everybody can get to know each other.” said freshman Nicolas Muse whom was one of the hosts of the event. “We just wanted everybody to get to know each, come outside and have fun because a lot of people are stuck inside the dorm.”

The event turned out to be a huge success. Several students showed up in their tennis shoes and athletic clothing looking to showcase their skills and come out to have a great time. The kickball game was a great idea that brought back a favored game from childhood. Snacks and refreshments were provided for participants. 

At the beginning, the hosts were able to pick and organized two teams who both included males and female players. The game was full of laughs and trash talk from the opposing teams. Things can get rowdy when the sun is out blazing and there is competition involved. Students who didn’t participate in the game decided to establish their spot under the shade where they watched the game and congregated with fellow colleagues. 

Junior and Agriculture major Christopher Amos said “It was a great event on a hot day that brought a lot of people out. It is nice to see the freshman putting together events like this because a lot of students don’t have anything else to do at the end of the week.” The environment was filled with positive energy as students were able to get together and have a great time. 

The team of freshman responsible for the kickball game is expected to host similar events at least every month in hopes of reaching out to more students who wish to get more involved and familiar with other students on campus.

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