As a new volleyball season approaches, new members are welcomed by Vanessa Jacobs, the head coach of the volleyball team. Coach Jacobs started off the tryouts meeting, with a warm welcome and giving some background information on herself. 

She told students how she transitioned from Human Resources into coaching and her passion she has developed for the game of volleyball. She told the new members about her views and expectations when dealing with the team. On a more serious note Coach Jacobs told students how competitive she is and does not tolerate laziness on the team. 

She correlated this with how laziness can not work with the dedication and commitment that’s needed with this team. She motivated students through her realistic views, and told them how she hopes they form the same level of dedication, love and commitment to volleyball. She instructed students about the deadlines for the paperwork she needed completed and how she would handle practices. Coach Jacobs told students how she was excited to have them join the team. 

Students who were at the meeting looked very optimistic. The first student was Chanze Boyd. She is a freshman majoring in Finance from Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Boyd expressed what made her want to try out for the volleyball team, she said “It was the love of volleyball she (Coach Jacobs)  had and watching the games of the team.” I also asked her, what skills did she think she could add to the team? She said, “she saw that there were several seniors leaving and thinks she can bring back that defensive edge to the team.” 

The next student was Jaleicia Miller. Miller is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering and is from Baton Rouge, expressed what made her want to try out for the volleyball team she said, “I want to further my volleyball skills from high school into college with the passion I have  for volleyball.” 

Lastly, as the tryouts were nearing the end asking Coach Jacobs what skills or traits was she looking for she replied, “ I am looking for communication, skill set, athleticism, and volleyball IQ . . . to see how much I’ll have to teach to utilize the player.” For Coach Jacobs the things she wishes for members of the team to learn is I asked Coach Jacobs she said, “what they will learn here will help them through everyday life. The discipline and sacrifice they will learn will also be utilized in their everyday life.” What is a goal Coach Jacobs wishes to achieve this season is that, “to win and bring home a championship to Southern University.”

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