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Southern University’s Office of Admissions and Recruitment hosted the biannual Jaguar Preview Day at the F.G. Clark Activity Center on Saturday, March 7. The one-day event is geared towards giving graduating high school seniors a transparent display of life and education at Southern University.

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The key to a good night’s sleep is in how we transition from our daily routine into a mindset of sleep. It is this wind-down routine that prepares our body and minds for sleep. This is not simply a 15-minute ritual. It requires a commitment to slowing down at the end of the day. Here are way…

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In spite of the disruption caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus, the SGA elections of Southern University were far from slowed. Instead of the usual campus oriented events and interactions, campaign hopefuls and their supporters found their way onto social media platforms such as Tw…

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Who runs the world? Girls! 2020 is a fantastic time to be a woman. Women are being hailed for their strength and smarts. Times have changed, and we’re practically capable of doing everything men do. The female race has made so much progress that we’re ready for anything! This is a gratifying…

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