Great things are happening at the John B. Cade library. The east wing of the fourth floor is currently being innovatively remodeled for the student body’s benefit. The research for this upgrade ignited in 2016, and was put into action during 2018.

The name of the specified area will be titled “The Student Research and Innovation Center.” Assistant University Librarian for Technology and Information Services & Title III Activity Director, Dawn Ventress Kight stated during an interview, “Library surveys and observations suggested that additional group study areas were needed. The Library only had three group study rooms...certain majors would constantly book them leaving other students without.” 

A lot of students on campus are wondering what will be included in The Student Research and Innovation Center. Director Kight went on to explain the amenities of the center, “Located on the 4th floor’s east wing includes collaborative study and work spaces, 3D printing, display showcases, mediascape plug and share technology and a librarian for assistance...the writing center located on the west wing of the 4th floor is under development and will provide support for students’ communication skills (writing and oral).”

Last week some students at Southern University wanted to invoke their excitement towards the improvements being made in the library. Senior criminal justice major from Houma, Louisiana, Khadijah Dean said, “ I’ve never been on the fourth floor, but now that seen the things they have done so far, I feel like it gives us more is a comfortable will be utilized for sure...They need to have signs and publicize it once they complete it.”

The freshman class has taken interest to the improvements as well. First year computer science major from Natchitoches, Louisiana, Makalen Jefferson feels that, “This center will be better than the other floors because it gives us more access and breathing room so we are not clustered in one small area to complete our assignments... the furniture is set up nicely and it all looks really comfortable.”

According to Director Kight, the center is intended to be ready later in the Fall 2019 semester. Until then, students are encouraged to utilize the other floors of the library during the completion of the center. The center will also include a writing center and a tutoring service partnered with the same tutoring services in Stewart Hall. This means tutoring will be available after 5pm since the library stays open until midnight. All in all these additions should fuel academic success on campus. 

This center is a result from the students voicing their opinions on what they desire. In other words, they are the reason for these improvements. Being vocal is the first step to bringing great change. 


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