According to the Southern University website, the mission of the College of Business is “to provide a quality business program that prepares students of diverse backgrounds for global career challenges and make a positive contribution to the public and private sectors through effective instruction, impactful research, and innovative community engagement.” In keeping with this theme, the Finance Club is raising money to travel to New York to visit Wall Street.

The Finance Club’s purpose is to increase students’ knowledge about financial literacy, along with saving, management and investment of their money , as well as gaining better understanding of their financial position. The Finance Club’s presence has been infrequent within the last few years. The club was established and prevalent in the 90s and early 2000s, and has since been reestablished within the last few semesters. 

The club has been affiliated with events such  as discussion panels that occurred last semester and the Southern Regional Conference for the National Association of Black Accountants. “It’s our main goal to prepare students with resources and knowledge needed to build wealth and to be financially stable so they can meet current, continuous and unexpected financial obligations. So just because you aren’t accounting, finance, math or economic major you are still welcomed to join. We don’t only talk about stock investments, we do try to focus on saving and investing our money but also talk about interview tips, do resume reviews, just anything to help the student throughout their college career,” said Jada Joseph, the Finance Club’s President.

Besides having these types of events, one of the highlights of the Finance Club is their trip to Wall Street in New York, Wall Street is the biggest financial capital in the US. According to an article written by Kimberly Amaded from the website The Balance, Wall Street “is a symbol for the U.S. financial markets, which includes the stock market, bond market, commodities market, futures market, and the foreign exchange market.” 

With this in mind, this trip to New York is one of the most beneficial and educational experiences for members of the Finance Club. To make this trip financially possible, the Finance Club holds certain fundraisers, such as the “Penny with a Purpose” where the club decorates jugs and places them where students can drop their loose change. Other fundraisers and events can also be expected throughout the semester.

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