Sunday evening on September 1, late in the afternoon, students of Southern University tagged along in a controversial conversation about a staff member that goes by the name Mr. Reggie, otherwise known as Reginald Collins. Unlike the average complaints and long rants students would normally go on about the staff, the approach shifted towards Mr. Reggie as hundreds of students raved about his great spirit, and the amount of love he puts into his job and into to the university. 

“I was in love with Southern since I was a little boy,” expressed Mr. Reggie. His journey began in  1987 on Southern’s campus back in 1987, as he branched out to achieve many things. His main success came from serving in the Southern University Interdenominational Gospel Choir (SUIGC). “I volunteered for several years. We recorded an album, a live CD, and also sung with millions of people all over the United States.”

But Mr. Reggie’s success didn’t stop there. Even after graduation, he  volunteered, and has continued to do so, and also got a position as a staff member. Eventually Mr.Reggie’s hard work began to pay off when former interim president Dr. Edward Jackson said that he was working so hard for the university, he needed to give him a raise. This has allowed Mr. Reggie to not only still be strongly involved with Southern, but also engage more with the students. 

Collins’ office now sits on the first floor of the T.H. Harris Hall Annex. His office is extremely hard to pass up because there is always a large number of students gathered around to keep him company, with enjoyment of being in his presence. 

“I’m a people’s person, and sometimes I like to put myself in the position of the students. I like to keep my smile, and I like to keep an encouraging spirit.  Just for the students to come by and say hi or just to take a piece of candy really makes my day. I fuss at them as if they’re my own kids, but its only because I want them to be great. I know they acknowledge how much I care because they always come back.”

Tabari Lee, a junior Mechanical Engineering major expressed how he too loves and adores Mr. Reggie, with hopes that he sticks around for many more years. “I met Mr. Reggie in the second semester of my freshman year. I was going through a depression stage, and it was as if he was God sent because after talking to him, I regained confidence and focus. I believe every university deserves at least one staff member like him.”

Mr. Reggie’s number one key for standing out from other staff is reminding students to not only have fun, but to “always focus, remember what you came to school for, and put your priorities in place first.” Thanks to his uplifting spirit and positive attitude, students will continue succeeding, and flourishing on Southern’s campus.


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