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Jacquelin Morgan/Southern Digest

Located in the Smith-Brown Memorial Student Union, the Southern University Mail, Copier, and Production Center is one of the many hidden gems on Southern’s campus. With services provided by Ricoh, the center offers many of the same services that any post office would offer, such as mail delivery and reception, video production, and printing/scanning of documents. 

The mail center allows students the opportunity to receive packages and parcels by setting up a personal account which includes a P.O box. Many students on campus rely on the center. Being located right near the entrance in the union allows students without vehicles a chance to receive letters and packages from home or essential supplies via Amazon or FedEx delivery. Treyvante Davis says,“I use Ricoh all the time when ordering clothes and shoes online shopping.”

The mail  center is also one of the most universally liked locations on campus as the center features a dedicated staff that seems to genuinely love Southern University, “They’re some of the nicest people I’ve encountered while being on this campus, and they joyfully get their job done while still ensuring students get everything they need.” says Aliyah Roberts on Thursday afternoon after leaving from the mail center. In fact, one of the workers, Suma Dixon-Fair, knows the names of most of the students who regularly frequent the center, “I think [knowing the names of students] helps build a personal relationship with them and makes them feel more at home. Southern has great students, I love y’all and I just want everyone to feel welcomed.” It’s because of this excellent customer service that the post office has affectionately been nicknamed “Ricoh” on account of the email address that the post office uses.

To go along with the friendly service, you can expect great quality service. Natasia Johnson a student worker at the mail center says, “We are here to get one job done and that’s simply to get the production and the mail in and out. I think the more we work together as a team it brings the vibe to arise. This makes us the happiest people on campus.” 

Being one of the only locations on campus capable of fulfilling bulk print jobs, the mail center is a go-to for faculty who need a large amount of paper printed out, as well as students who are running for various Student Government positions since the post office is capable of printing banners, posters, and other campaign material on request. 

Having served the campus for over fifteen years, the mail center is a vital part of campus and connects the Southern campus to the greater Baton Rouge community. As Southern University continues to modernize, Ricoh seeks to continue to cheerfully serve the Southern University community.

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