“We go through the same thing every year it, never fails. They’ll hold our refunds until weeks later or either they’ll disburse half the money and leave us stuck wondering where the other half went,” Keyonna Thompson, a third-year student and nursing major expressed. Many of Southern University students are complaining about the tiring on-going process they go through to receive refund checks.

Although students may have similar scenarios, the process varies. Refunds normally are generated after an overpayment has been applied to an account.  A student’s registration status, financial aid disbursement, and account balance also play a part in the timing of money being disbursed, and the amount. There is a fourteen day process students must wait after the disbursement is applied and a thirty-five day process needed to transmit the funds from the university, straight to banking mobile.

Breann Marshals, a senior nursing major says that it’s not just about the money, “It is a process and we understand that, but I don’t feel it should have to be so long. I know for a fact other universities’ financial processes aren’t this long, so hopefully the speed of everything changes.” The sentiment is shared across campus as some students have to wait for the end of the semester before receiving any funds.

Students should also know that refunds are issued based upon the remaining account balance and not the memo/authorized amount. Meaning, the refund will be used to pay off any fees, fines, or unpaid dues left on the account. After the account has a balance of zero, the refund will then be disbursed for the amount that is left due. 

Hanna Webb, Bursar in the Comptroller Office gave a lot of information for students with her background knowledge of how the process works. “During the first two weeks after refunds begin, we process daily. Throughout the semester we generally process refunds twice a week. We have taken necessary steps to advise students on how this information can be reviewed on the banner account and we are working to make sure additional communications are sent to inform the students of the next step at every level in the process.”

With the new integration of the banner system, BannerSUnited, the refund process is expected to be improved. Several of the processes that delay the refund process, namely the paperwork, are being streamlined which should speed up and simplify the refund process. 


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