Moving in and up: Housing upgrades

With an eventful past school year left behind, the Department of Residential Life and Housing has kicked into high gear for fall 2018.

Over the past few semesters, Executive Director of Student Services and Residential Life, Tracie Abraham has spearheaded a host of initiatives to improve student housing.

Continuing the cycle, the department spent the summer making improvements in some of the dormitories.

Carrying over from last semester, Boley Hall received major upgrades in the lobby as well as the individual suites.

“Our next big project is to do something with Boley. We’ve been doing renovation in Boley for the last three years every summer,” Abraham says.

According to Abraham, the latest improvements include new ceiling tiles in the lobby, wood floors in the hallways, student-controlled air and heating in each room, and fully remodeled bathrooms, including new showers, mirrors, sinks, and toilets.

She admitted, “It’ll be closed at some point for full renovation,” but does not expect it to interrupt students because of the reopening of other dormitories.

Boley Resident, Joshua Johnson expressed, “ I feel like that they managed to improve some of our living conditions, yet still keep that same boley touch. It’s like good ‘ole Boley, but easier to like.”

Bradford Hall reopened Friday, August 17. While originally intended to be, “, private, graduate and law school senior level housing,” Abraham says, Bradford Hall instead hosts about 90 incoming freshmen girls currently.

The new Hall Director, Tre’ Skidmore, refused comment.

In addition, Washington Hall, the dormitory next to Bethune Hall will be gutted and renovated starting this fall to be ready for move in next fall. There are not yet any official plans for the demographics of the dormitory.

Aside from finalizing the move-in process for students, Abraham says to look for the room swap period soon as well as programs from the Department of Residential Life and Housing.

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