New Chapters: Cheer team qualifies for Nationals

In establishing a winning culture, analysts and former competitors will tell you that the first step to building a winning culture is through consistency and stability.

For Southern University, consistency and stability have always been the leading factors in finding the right coaches and building the type of programs that can be geared towards success.

Take the Southern University cheerleading squad for example; they are hoping to have found just that in their newly appointed head cheerleading coach Taylor Stewart.

In the 2019 NCA/NDA Collegiate Camp in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Southern University’s cheerleaders placed 1st in the Rally Routine over Florida International University to gain a silver during the three-day camp.

The Southern University cheer team has put itself in a position to compete in the 2020 NCA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida in one of Stewart’s first events serving as the Jags’ coach.

As someone who has had experience cheering for most of her life, Stewart has said that she believes that her and the squad are capable of doing great things this semester and going forward.

“As a kid, I really wanted to open my own All-Star gym, so having the opportunity to coach at the collegiate level is a great opportunity,” said 1st year cheerleading coach, Taylor Stewart when asked what her reasons were for wanting to take on coaching after years of participating in the sport.

Stewart added that being able to represent an HBCU in competitions such as the most recent one that SU has competed in was also a great example of why she wanted to be at a university such as Southern.

Getting a foot in the door to possibly represent Southern at Daytona in 2020 isn’t an accomplishment that Stewart takes lightly, and she briefly spoke on what this victory means for herself and the squad going forward.

“[To be] constantly in and out of session and in and out of practice [over the duration of a three day camp], it felt good to see us perform up to our standard.” said Coach Stewart.

Current success aside, Stewart has demonstrat a clear mindset as far as her aspirations for her squad this upcoming year and into the future.

“We’re looking to compete at a high level, and we’re looking to bring home some hardware.” said Coach Stewart on what the squad expects from itself in the upcoming competitions.

With the football season, and eventually the basketball season being around the corner, Taylor voiced her excitement to be able to cheer during in-game settings again.

“We want to help support our football team so that they can take us down to the SWAC championship,” said Taylor.

Look for your 2019-2020 Southern University cheerleaders during the first home game of the 2019-2020 football season as the Jaguars take on Edward Waters for their home opener on September 14.

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