Blakk Diamonds: SU Alum, former Drum Major releases debut album

(Courtesy/Brandon Guerin)


Many celebrities were born and bred on Southern University’s campus over the years. Brendon Guerin, a 25-year-old graduate, is yet another notable name on the rise to stardom. 

Guerin is a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has just released his new album, Blakk Diamonds Vol. 1: Mixed Emotions. According to Guerin, nothing about being a student and creating his music at the same time has been easy, but with the help of those around him, he’s managed to make it work. 

When not working on school assignments, instead of going to parties, he would be in the studio working on his sounds and  creating new concepts. When attending Southern University, Guerin was drawn to the Human Jukebox, as well as the cultural experiences. 

According to Guerin, “The energy and student body is unmatched and the traditions run deep. Being able to leave such a legacy at a university with such a tradition is an honor.” Guerin’s musical talent didn’t start with him however, as Guerin’s family is home to a long line of musical talent in its own right. 

From growing up around singers and musicians and playing the drum set, Guerin has moved on to create his own music. The first time he got a taste of creating music was when he was in a recording studio for the first time.

 In 2010, he and his brother were placed in the studio by their father. This was the beginning of Guerin sharing his voice with the world. With the encouragement of his father, Guerin has been making serious moves since 2018. Brendon has performed both on and off the Southern University campus. He has done performances at pageants and the Apollo Theater in the past, and recently he performed at the Southern Grind Cafe for a JBL campus ambassadors event.

His album, Blakk Diamonds is inspired by Guerin’s current relationship. This album shows how deep their relationship is and that even though they are not perfect, they are still each other’s soul mate.  As stated by Brendon, “...we work hard for where we are on a personal level for each other. She gets on my nerves but she’s my best friend and we’ve been through the trenches just to love harder.” For instance, the song ‘Chills,’ which is one of Brendon’s personal favorites, gives more insight into just how much goes into a relationship. As a whole, this album will bring its listeners back to real feelings. 

In the interview with Guerin, he expressed how currently a lot of songs are about people who only want to be playas and “city girls,” and they do not know the true love language. As stated by Guerin, “My goal is to let people get back to real and unapologetic love...Love is a beautiful thing, but it’s also a tough task, and the music has a lot to do with the way this generation responds to love.” 

The message of this album is that it is okay to love and that love is not perfection. With a relationship, when you find the one person you are willing to put up with and accept all of their flaws, without it being forced, that is how you know you have found the one.

The album is now available on all musical platforms.  A goal of his is to be at the top of the R&B list and to inspire the world through his art and music. When it comes to creating your music, Guerin advises any future artist to BE YOURSELF. That you should not change your flow for what is considered “hot.” As an artist, you should be you to the fullest, stay consistent and unique and you will go as far as you allow yourself to go. In the future, Southern University students should be on the lookout for Guerin’s success in entertainment as well as the future businesses he has planned.

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