Southern University’s Baton Rouge campus is home to over 7,000 students in many capacities, many of which hail from out-of-state. Along with this demographic comes various displays of culture, talent,  and skill sets, amongst other things. From these voyages come various introductions between Southern culture and that of a students’ hometown. 

Freshman mathematics education major, Justin Plummer,  traveled to Southern University from his home in St. Louis, Missouri to introduce Stomp and Shake cheerleading to the student body. 

Plummer says he brought  the Stomp and Shake style of cheerleading to Southern to expose new individuals to a different style of the sport and bring tradition back to the HBCU. 

“Being that we are a HBCU, we are used to [performing] traditional cheerleading, but that’s not something [African-Americans] started. An African-American male created Stomp and Shake in North Carolina.  Only a few HBCUs use the style, but it has never made it to the SWAC, “ Plummer said.

With that in mind, Plummer started his own Stomp and Shake cheer team on campus: Code Blue. 

Tryouts were October 9 in the Horace Moody Intramural Complex; 70 students tried out with only 23 making the team.  

The requirements, Plummer says, are no different from any other organizations baseline on campus, “So, generally you have to have a  little bit of cheer experience. But, the requirements is that you always have to have a 2.5 GPA, be in good standing with the university,  have a positive attitude, and demonstrate dedication.”

They have submitted documents to become an official organization of the University, and are currently just awaiting administrative approval. 

Code Blue debuted themselves at this past week’s Pretty Wednesday in the Smith-Brown Memorial Union, flashmob style. All 23 members stood in the middle of the food court and performed their cheer, “Hype.” Following this performance, the team was invited to the Miss Men’s Federation Pageant the same night to perform. 

As the founder of Code Blue, Plummer says that their goal is to be the official cheer team for the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. 

Some students and former SU cheerleaders took to twitter expressing how they felt about the newly emerging team. 

An SU student with the twitter handle @jaitheprincess said, “Honestly the stomp and shake team is really good and entertaining, and based on the crowd,  they chose a good time to start their team. 

Former SU cheerleader, Major McKinnis’ (@IBeMajeaur on twitter), opinion  lies on the opposite side of the spectrum, as he released a string of negative tweets about the team following their debut.

Some of the tweets read, “Don’t bring that stomp and shake “bs” to Southern … we do REAL skilled cheerleading down here,” and “Sweetie didn’t make weight requirements … Get your skills together.”

Members of the Stomp and Shake cheer team, Code Blue, chose not to respond. 

Clinical Specialist in the College of Education and Advisor to Code Blue, Natalie Chesser, failed to comment. 

Code Blue will be making more appearances in the near future. 

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