The End of the Wait for Eternal Atake

After almost three years of suspense, the long-awaited project from the Philadelphia-based rapper Lil Uzi Vert has dropped to the masses. Being one of the biggest stars on the planet and having a fan base that rivals that of some pop stars, Uzi has produced high-quality projects such as Luv is Rage 1 & 2, and The Perfect Luv Tape. The recent hiatus that the rapper has been on since mid-2017 prompted some fans to think that new music from the artist would never drop, until now.

Composed of eighteen tracks in total, Eternal Atake does a good job of not being repetitive in its tone despite having very few guest verses. With each song having its own brand of soulful harmonies and melodies along with traditional trap drums and samples, there were very few times that the same type of song was found twice. Despite this, the flow of the album is concise and there aren’t any songs that feel out of place next to their contemporaries.

In songs like “Lo Mein,” “Homecoming,” and “Silly Watch,” listeners were able to get a taste of how refined Uzi’s pen can be when he puts effort into being a wordsmith. This being said, like many rappers of his generation, the best of Uzi can be found in his production and delivery.

“Slidin’ all on the ice like a hockey shot, Seventeen-five for a t-shirt; he got half like he pulled up just with a crop. Gators on me, you can’t catch me in bummy Crocs,” rapped Uzi in “Silly Watch.” This is an example of an unimpressive bar becoming a hard bar due solely to its delivery and production around it.

Despite the production value and simplistic bars, the album in itself showed an improved pen from Uzi that was only interested in staying in its lane and having a good time, which can be found on any track in the album. The track “Homecoming” is a perfect example of this as we are given a catchy hook that’s then followed by 16-bars from Uzi. While there’s no direction for the song itself theme wise, it’s the type of turn-up song that clubs will have in rotation all summer. “I’m movin’ the bit just like an alien, chop with a fifty, my Uzi Israeli. See, I turned to the boss, can’t deal with no middleman; Anthony Davis, don’t deal with the Pelicans (What?),” rapped Uzi on the track.

All in all, Eternal Atake filled the role that it was supposed to and will satisfy the fans who have been waiting for the project for so long. While it’s not clear when a new project will come from

Uzi, the artist confirmed that a deluxe version of Eternal Atake is already in the works with names like Young Thug attached to it.

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