Saturday, October 5 was the grand opening gala for Tyler Perry Studios. The successful Black film producer opened his film studio on a converted army base in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to, it is a 330-acre lot on the former Fort McPherson army base. It is now one of the largest motion picture studios in the United States. It has twelve stages, over a dozen sets, a green space and a historic district, all precursored by signs on the highway in Atlanta that lead to Tyler Perry’s Studios. 

Many African American celebrities were in attendance, including Beyonce, Cicely Tyson, Oprah Winfrey and many more. Actress Tiffany Haddish was there and she said, “Every time that I came in to work here at Tyler Perry studios, it was the biggest smile on my face. ‘Cause I know the history of this place — It was a Confederate union military base, trying to keep us enslaved. Now it’s owned by a black man.”

Tyler Perry is in inspiration to many actors, actresses and creative people all over the world. Perry’s studio is not only viewed as a personal accomplishment, but it has also created jobs and internships for people that want to work in the film or entertainment industry, even inspiring students at Southern University.

Renaldo Ruffin, a sophomore Mass Communications major from Virginia is more than impressed by Tyler Perry’s new studio.

When asked how Tyler Perry inspires him, he said “I have always been a fan of his movies and plays. They were a part of my childhood growing up. I have seen almost every Madea movie. That man is a creative genius and hopefully my career is as successful as his.”

When asked his favorite Tyler Perry creation he said “It’s hard to pick because they are all so great, but one of my personal favorites is I Can Do Bad All By Myself. It is very funny but teaches a lesson ... Tyler Perry is a good inspiration for young Black actors and filmmakers. At one point, he was homeless, and now he owns a studio bigger than Disney. He’s also creating jobs which is a plus for the Black community. I would even apply for an internship or job at his studio. That would be cool.”

Tyler Perry Studios is a new step in Black Hollywood. Black actors and actresses will be able to showcase their talents. People are really looking forward to new movies and plays and whatever else Tyler Perry has under his sleeves. 

This studio is also going to make Black history, because Tyler Perry is the first Black man with his own studio.

Tyler Perry’s empire will probably live on years and years from now. 

Who will be the next Black film maker?


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