A Pageant of Pageants:  2020 Thicker than a Snicker

Winner of Miss Thicker Than A Snicker 2020, Ms. Myah Rajhean. (Isaac Armstrong/DIGEST)

While many contestants are judged on the heavy schedule of appearances and speaking engagements, most women who participate are seen as an ideal beauty standard. On Southern University’ s campus however,  representation for the women of the Junior and Senior class is a matter that’s settled through pageantry of beauty and breaking stereotypes. 

The “Ms. Thicker Than A Snicker” is the most anticipated event of the spring semester that takes place as part of  Junior and Senior Week, where the Junior and Senior cabinets collaborate and host a week of events for the students of Southern University. The pageant is similar to other pageants that the school hosts, like Mr. Association for Women Students, or Miss Men’s Federation. 

“Looking at other girls who were society’s version of thick and comparing and thinking to myself, I’m not like that. They would be like, ‘Oh she is not like that, she thinks she is fat.’ But now, I’ve come to realize there are different versions of thick. I’ve come to love my body.” Myah Paige, this year’s winner said. 

The Pageant was held February 12, 2020 in the Event Center at 6:30pm. Categories included an open showcase, swimwear category, a talent portion and a formal attire. While there was a multitude of participants for this year’s pageant, Myah Page, a Marketing Major from Hammond, LA, took home the crown for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. 

“Not a lot of people know, but this is my third time during this pageant. I got first runner up the last two years and I said this is my time now. Everything I said in my question and answer, I am about to do those things around campus. Since this is my third time on this journey, I felt like it was my time.”  said Page. 

The Miss Thicker than a Snicker pageant has been held since 2012, and has been seen by the student body as a way for thick and curvy women around the campus to prove that their confidence and personality isn’t determined by their body types. For those who want to do the pageant, Myah had some encouraging advice, “Anybody who wants to do a pageant, you’re pageant material. It is THE experience. One of your best experiences at Southern. You’re going to learn a lot, meet new people,learn  more about yourself. The number one thing people look for on this stage is confidence. This will definitely put you out of your comfort zone and I want every curvy woman on campus to do it. To me, it’s more than a pageant.” 

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