Southern University’s AROTC serves the purpose of preparing students at the university interested in becoming officers transition. Saturday marked the group’s Veteran’s Day Fun Run at the AROTC building. 

Held annually in honor of Veterans Day, which fell on November 11 this year, the Fun Run is an event created to show support to the armed forces as well as meet with the community and surrounding students and staff. 

Open to the public, the event was a 5000 meter run that kicked off at the AROTC building on Saturday at 7:00 am. While the marathon would consist mainly of AROTC members, it was encouraged for the public to join as well. 

There were around 35 runners in total, with all of them being members of the AROTC. While there were several onlookers during the 3.2 mile marathon around campus, the 36 degree weather kept non-AROTC members on the sideline.  

“Overall, I thought the event was amazing. I had so much fun. It’s for a great cause and it’s an honor to be apart of something so great,” said Jacara Glover, a junior nursing major from Riverside, California.

The running cadence seemed to be one of the favored parts of the marathon for participants and spectators.

“I honestly believe my favorite part of the entire event is the running cadence. It’s fun to see everyone get so hyped and to see all the participation,” continued Glover. 

Leading the run was Colonial David Marshall in front of the formation. The AROTC members participating in the marathon sounded off multiple cadences as they made their way around campus. 

“I myself felt that a Veteran 5K Fun Run was a great way to show just how much we appreciate their service.” said JaKeya Prince-Lumpkins, a junior chemistry major from Jeanerette, Louisiana. 

Price-Lumpkins continue on to say, “I loved the cadences that we sounded off with. They were also the motivational to  keep pushing all the way to the finish line. I am ready for next year’s Veterans Day Fun Run!”

Refreshments were provided for runners in the aftermath of the event, which lasted until around 9:30 am on Saturday morning. 

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