It’s almost the end of the 2019 Fall Semester. Finals are on the way, and for most students, that means it’s do or die. 

In order to succeed, goals must be set, along with a plan for studying and classwork. Being goal oriented is a great way to get things done. Having a planner also helps, but it’s also good to try making a “To-do” list and physically marking off things as they get done.

With the 46th Annual Bayou Classic coming up, a lot of students are going to be preparing for the festivities in New Orleans. Some faculty and Organization/Clubs will be busy as well due to their participation in the events. It is imperative to use better judgement and plan out when to get work done.

“Since I came [to Southern] in 2017, I was in the band trying to find time to do everything. Eventually, all my assignments building up started to worry me,” stated Junior Mass communication Major from Houston Texas, Juwan Caleb about his own experiences managing time in the band. 

“Don’t let all your assignments stack up and try to get one thing done at a time. Bayou Classic is the busiest time so just get it all done early.” stated Caleb when asked what advice he would give to someone struggling to multitask. 

The difference between the first and second year experience as a student however also increased the perspective of many as far as time management. 

“Be proactive and handle your business before your business handles you. If you’re gonna go and support our Jags on the weekends, take care of your school work during the week or even Friday afternoon when a lot of students don’t have class,” Assistant Director for First and Second Year Experience, Avis O’Bryant-Chaney from Augusta Georgia professed.

“Time management is one of those things you have to learn and you have to know what your end goal is. If you master time management, you should not only be able to do what you want, but you should also be able to do things early while procrastinating minimally,” First and Second Year Experience staff, Akai Smith stated. 

If you have a 3 hour course that you take three times a week, then you should be studying that material one hour per day for at least a three day minimum per week. Time management is really essential in this case, especially for Bayou Classic because everyone wants to be in the building on Friday & Saturday...but before you do that, you have to handle your business,” continued Smith. 

“Keep God first and Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. The key is not spending time, but investing in it,” said Graduating Mass Communication Senior From Bruly, Louisiana Jaylin Fair. This can be said about many things, including college. When it boils down to it, students are investing time to go to classes and money to attend this university.  

Its best to think of schoolwork as an investment. Let’s finish off this semester strong and fight toward victory this fall.

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