March Madness with FYE

The First and Second Year Experience Program, or FYE, presented their March Madness event at the Intramural Center with the goal of getting students to bond with mentors while being physically active. FYE’s mission is to help students gain on-campus experiences that will help them throughout their matriculation at Southern University.

Many students were most eager to participate in the dodgeball and kickball tournaments that took place throughout the course of the event.

FYE members in attendance wanted to get students pumped about midterms and to participate in fun, physical outdoor activities while doing so.

Alexis Jeanpierre, a therapeutic recreation major from New Orleans said, “My experience was great. I was able to actually have fun outdoors. It took me back to my elementary school days. I often find that I don’t make time for outdoor activities, but I really feel like it’s important that I start.”

According to Jeanpierre, the First Friday March Madness event “took everyone back down memory lane with throwback games. There was plenty of competition and lifelong friendships being made.”

Many of the mentors believed the physical activities helped them have a workout for the day and connect with their mentees more. “Playing sports not only provides physical activity, but also other positive benefits such as building team characteristics and developing internal skills. This event was a true example of teamwork and bonding,’’ said mentor JaMarcus D. Jackson, a junior nursing major and child development minor from Mobile, AL. According to Jackson, it is important that students find balance in staying fit and staying focused in school.

This event was a part of “The Momentum Continues”, an FYE approved event for freshman seminar students. Carrington Turner, FYE mentor and junior mass communications major from Dallas, TX said, “The First Year Experience’s First Fridays are always a tremendous time to connect with one another and enjoy each other’s presence. FYE is a family, so getting together and playing field games took us back to old times. The students felt that this event was a time to gain stronger connections with their mentors and they look forward to the other wonderful things FYE has planned.”

FYE will have more events coming up as a part of their “Momentum Continues” campaign, including the Midterm Grab ‘n’ Go Breakfast on March 11, and The Last First Friday on April 3.

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