Vision Board Party: Anything is Possible, if you can Envision it

Students creating their vision boards at The Vision Board Party in the Smith-Brown Memorial cotillion ballroom hosted by the Student Government Association on Tuesday September 3. Sydney Brown/DIGEST

Vision boards became popular about four years ago as people begin searching for ways to manifest all of their long-term goals in a more hands on way. A vision board is a board/ poster full of pictures from magazines, newspapers, and any other document containing images used to put together as a way to visually set everything you want in your present life or future.

Many students here at Southern University are all working to succeed and be the best that they can be. The inner ambition came out of the students on Tuesday night of September 4 as they gathered in the Cotillion Ballroom to put together their own vision boards

Morgan Harris, the sophomore class president began to explain the concept behind this impactful event. “The idea behind this was so that sophomore students on campus, and several other students could be able to come together and put their ideas on paper. They could then take this and hang up on their walls of their dorms or apartments and continue to be able to see that there’s always something they should be working towards.”

The sophomore cabinet also helped put this event together, and were all happy with the outcome as over 70 plus students filled the room. “We didn’t expect this many students to show up but from the looks of it more students are hard driven towards their goals and everything they want to accomplish. This is one of our proudest moments of this semester.”

Tanisha Watkins, a sophomore marketing major explains how more events like this are needed as the semester continues to become more stressful. “We need things like this to remind us to keep going, and that all of our hard work will eventually pay off. As classes become more crucial it’s hard to stay focused, events like this lets us know that none of us are alone, and if we keep pushing eventually were working towards will prosper.”

The event was well put together with large amounts of materials such as magazines, Newspapers, scissors, glue, tape, and post boards. Students stayed well engaged as the night went on with relaxing music, positive vibes, and smiling faces.

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