The phrase is often used, “Every Queen has a purpose”, and when it comes to our own 89th Miss Southern Alacia Brew, she describes her role as “to serve diligently by my code of conduct to help better the lives of her people and community.” According to Brew however, the person in that role cannot properly serve without communicating amongst others who share similar roles and values. 

On February 13, 2020, Brew, The 89th Ms. Southern University, held a Queen’s Brunch in the Smith-Brown Memorial Student Union, located in the Cotillion Ballroom from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. Every year, Miss. Southern invites Campus Royalty and, other fellow students to join her while indulging in a brunch and enjoying entertainment while discussing ways to empower ourselves daily, especially for the women and girls of campus the community. 

“Every year in the spring semester, Miss. Southern hosts a Queens Brunch where she invites campus royalty and students to come out in fellowship which usually involves an inspirational message. We were [just] carrying on the tradition that Miss. Southern started years ago.” Alacia Brew said. 

This year, Mckinley High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was in attendance, along with this school’s royal court, Miss. Junior, Miss. Senior, and Miss. McKinley. The events guest speaker spoke to the women in attendance and gave words of encouragement and in line with things she has “learned to value”  at her age.

“I feel like it was a great opportunity for them to see what Southern University had to offer from a student’s perspective, as well as getting some one-on-one time with someone that people say is ‘hard to get close to,‘ said Brew when asked what opportunities like these mean to her as the sitting Miss Southern. 

“To me, what embodies a queen or king is someone who changes the world, whether that’s what they physically do with their hands or how they make people feel. Beauty is skin deep, not just what’s on the  surface. Later on, the things that won’t fade away are the memories that you left on this earth. For me, the lives you impacted, the people you made smile  and the changes you made in this world.” continued Brew. 

With the reign of Brew and much of the sitting SGA coming to an end, events like this are a reminder to many of the traditions that the inhabitants of the Bluff can continue to look forward to for years to come. 

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