Rapper, producer Mac Miller Dead at 26

FILE - In this July 13, 2013 file photo, rapper Mac Miller performs on his Space Migration Tour at Festival Pier in Philadelphia. Miller, the platinum hip-hop star whose rhymes vacillated from party raps to lyrics about depression and drug use, has died at the age of 26. A family statement released through his publicists says Miller died Friday, Sept. 7, 2018, and there are no further details available on how he died. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP, File)

Last Friday, rapper Mac Miller was found in his home, dead. The reported cause of death being an overdose on codeine and promethazine concoction, lean.

Born, “Malcolm McCormick” the rapper was just 26 years old.

Faced with early recognition for his talent, in 2011 Miller’s first album “Blue Slide Park” debuted on Billboard 200 at the number 1 spot. Rolling Stone described the artist’s style, “He transitioned from party rap to heady backpacker lyricism to jazz-inflected songwriting in his final two albums.” Miller died the same day he was scheduled for a music video. He was set for an upcoming tour in October, following his latest album released in August, “Swimming”.

Having semi-public struggles with mental health and substance abuse, the overdose appears accidental. In a 2016 Fader documentary, Miller is quoted, “Overdosing is just not cool. There’s no legendary romance. You don’t go down in history because you overdosed.”

Along with several other celebrities, Chance the Rapper tweeted, “...Great Man. I loved him for real. I’m completely broken. God bless him.”

J. Cole also made a point to tweet, “ This is a message for anybody in this game that’s going through something. If you don’t feel right, if you feel you have a substance problem, if you need a ear to vent to. If you uncomfortable talking to people around you. Please reach out to me.”

Outside of music, Miller is being remembered for a 2016 speech made on The Nightly Show directed at then presidential candidate Donald Trump. “Make America great again? I think you want to make America white again. So, I come here today as white man, with the hope that maybe you’ll listen to me.”

Celebrities and fans alike spent most of the weekend basking in memories surrounding the rapper. Many used social media as a coping mechanism, sharing memorable photos with Mac Miller, and remarks about the necessity of mental health and substance abuse counseling.

“People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on.”

-Mac Miller

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