Step by Step: More than Just A Dance

The Senior class partnered with West Coast Connection to host the event "Step by Step", an event to teach the students of Southern University how to do the steps of or famous school dances in the Ballroom on August 5, 2019. Bailie Boyd/DIGEST

On September 5 in the Cotillion Ballroom, the senior class and West Coast Connection hosted an event called ‘Step by Step’. The event was for students of all classifications to learn the many dances of Southern that are seen at events and sporting events.

The students from all over the country poured into the ballroom as they started hearing the music drop. They played many well known songs to Southern such as “No One In The World”, “Bunny Hop”, “I’m Lit”, and many more. The senior class noticed many students sit out during events, as many come from out-of-state, and others simply never could get the motions right so they decided to partner with West Coast Connection to make sure the students learn how to do every single step.

Skyler Franklin, a senior biology major answered about how she felt about the event turnout. She responded, “I think the turnout was amazing. It’s important for the senior class to give back to the freshman so that was the goal with this event. I think we most definitely instilled some school spirit in them while they learned the dances! I’m excited that I will have the opportunity to see them dancing at the games and at school events.”

School spirit is a big thing, especially for Southern. Everywhere on campus it is being applied, being a Jaguar is more than just attending the games and school events, its being a scholar and participating in any way you can, many students don’t feel that connection and just stay out of the way. At home games the students show up and show out and show unity that’s why the student body created these dances, to join all students from all backgrounds to join together as one. So with Step by Step the senior class achieved that, they made sure every student felt as if they are apart of something so much bigger.

Jayla Kelly, a sophomore from Detroit, Michigan stated, “I feel like this was a great event, many students who do not know the dances typically feel left out and as if they are not apart of the majority, and me being a student who is from out of state I felt like it really brought me in more to feel like the majority.” Ari Jackson, a student from Chicago, Illinois also had comments about the event, “This is just what Southern needed an event to break down the dances step by step so we can understand it, I learned many dances that I haven’t even known before, so I’m really glad I came and got to learn the dances of Southern University.”

With events like this you can definitely catch students Bunny Hopping all the way to class and every sporting event.

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