Southern University has officially gained celebrity status. Homecoming was a little over a week ago yet we have gained national recognition! 

Emmanuel Hudson claimed Southern to be the most lit HBCU in the nation! Lil Baby flew on a private jet to our concert after canceling AND he performed for free. What a concert right? Students were able to take part in Lizzo’s music video and all. 

Southern was so lit that we have artists such as Ari Lennox and Wale ready to do an HBCU Tour! Ari Lennox states on Twitter that “Southern University was so [redacted] fire. I only want to perform for y’all for the rest of my life.” She continued with “If 90% of my shows were at HBCUs I’d be so damn happy. Ain’t nothing in the world like it...” Students and faculty went viral all homecoming week from dancing videos to memes. We definitely set the standard when it comes to homecoming, concerts, tailgates, and etc! 

Scott Hendson, a junior political science major from Tallulah, LA shared that, “It’s already a known fact that Southern University is a trendsetting institution. I wasn’t surprised at all that Ari Lennox spoke out about having an HBCU tour after visiting Southern solely because we are the preeminence of HBCU Culture. I’m excited that SU was able to give her and a few other celebrities that life changing experience. This just goes to show that the SU HBCU Experience is miles above the rest. If someone won’t believe me just ask Emmanuel Hudson, Lizzo, Lil Baby, Ari Lennox, Boosie, and so many others!” 

Talaya Johnson, a sophomore nursing major from Baton Rouge, LA stated that “ I love the fact that celebrities have fallen in love with our institution just as much as we have! It’s an amazing feeling to be recognized nationally for the love and support we show at our HBCU! I also like that Wale and Ari acknowledged that they should do an HBCU tour even at small HBCUs. Sometimes it seems like celebrities only mention the very known HBCUs in rotation so it feels great to put smaller ones like us on the map.”

Jalen Brooks, a sophomore junior computer science major from Arlington, TX stated that “It was just crazy because before my senior year I never even heard of Southern and I know we’re nationally-recognized for our band but our homecoming made Southern’s name even bigger. We showed every entertainer and they all vouched for us. Southern is the most live school and the place to be.”


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