From business management to education, there is a need to maintain a business mindset when in the business forum. But what is a business mindset and how can you use it for your benefit? A business mindset holds many components that can work out in your favor. One component is networking. Networking gives someone strategic thinking with others in a business environment.

One important factor of a business mindset is networking. Networking allows the building of relationships, and those relationships become building blocks for future relationships and business ventures. For example, many college students start to form subgroups in their college community, like how fraternity members associate with other members of their fraternity or members of a theater club fraternize with those members in theater. If one of those fraternity members decided to start a business venture and wanted a partnership, they would have to extend their search beyond their fraternity. Especially, if no one in their fraternity had expertise in the business arena. 

Coincidentally, if a member from that theater club hears about that frat member needing help and decides to lend a hand because of their skill in owning a business themselves, their business mindset kicks into gear and allows networking to take control. Two individuals from different subgroups have now linked together to form a union. Each individual can learn from each other and bring new elements that the other may have never thought of. 

So now we have a new relationship that has formed. What’s next in this networking journey? The connection and extension of more relations to be formed. Communication between both groups will be formed and start to make connections between each beyond the first two individuals. Here is where the building blocks are now established. Both subgroups help each other where each are lacking and assist their needs. This is the door for the future relationships and business ventures with individuals who you may have never met. 

The business mindset is a transition of mentality for individuals to extend their help to others when in need and progress into something more whether for individual or collective gain. Networking is just a key piece that establishes that union for others. It is important to have this mindset so individuals, firms, or corporations can become connected. (Essentially, what you see in society today.) The linking and networking of different people allows for creativity, products, ideas, and business ventures to be formed that once did not exist, which enhances everyday life for others in a community.

Networking is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the linking that connects individuals with different backgrounds and personalities to come together. 

A prime example of this is in the Southern University college community coming together and networking to help each other in their personal or business goals. Networking also allows relations to be formed and establishes great interpersonal skills. It is useful and allows for growth and knowledge to be exchanged between others in a community.


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